Cage Darker Than Black (Fugitive Records) - Back
Cage has recently been introduced to me, and I’m surprised that I haven’t listened to them before. This band is heavy metal in the vain of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and King Diamond. I can definitely see those influences as well as a little death and black metal. Everyone does their job well in the band, a well-rounded unit. Their aggressive riffing and heaviness has more attitude then most bands in the genre. “Darker Than Black” is thirteen tracks and over and hour of metal written and performed well. This is the classic metal sound with the modern heavy crunch, like Nevermore, or even Witchery. At times the singer sounds like Bruce Dickinson or Rob Halford, it’s truly amazing, and the riffs chug like Harley Davidson bikes. It was hard to pick favorite songs, I could have easily picked just about everything but, “Kill the Devil,” “Blood of the Innocent,” “Philadelphia Experiment,” “Secrets of Fatima,” and “Wings of Destruction” came out on top for me. This CD should surprise and impress a lot of metal heads, with Production by Richard Carr (Halford, Bruce Dickinson), and being credited as one of the best at Wacken 2001, this might get some of you to introduce yourself to Cage.

Rating: 91