Callenish Circle - Forbidden Empathy (Candlelight) - Back
This fabulous melodic death metal quintet is still fairly unknown in the United States, til now. Hollands' Callenish Circle have actually released 2 albums prior to the Metal Blade releases, giving them 4 albums. This, however, is not their fifth album and Candlelight records have been gracious enough to present this to us. "Forbidden Empathy" is a double disc collection of their remastered earlier material (1992-2002). Everything from their early sold-out demo material, to their first two full-lengths, and also their acclaimed "Escape"-mcd!! The music on these discs is, of course, reminiscent of the music they play now with a bit more of a melodic edge. Kind of the same direction Dark Tranquillity went from their early material to their more straightforward melodic aggression. Back to Callenish- the music doesn't sound aged at all either. What I mean by this is, the tightness of the band is great and there aren’t a lot of amateurish, raw-sounding performances. I like this a lot! I'm glad they decided to release this for us over here! As many other 'zines have mentioned in one way or another, this is an essential release and most certainly, an essential band to have book-marked in your metal collections!! Great stuff. You must check this out... and also, look out for their new album later in 2005 on Metal Blade!

Rating: 94

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell