Candlemass - Candlemass (Nuclear Blast) - Back
A band known in the metal world as THE Doom Metal founders and also known as the band of a million breakups, Candlemass again arises! Compelled to reek in misery through their untimely hymns of darkness and desolation, Messiah & co. have decided to entitle their latest tragedy after themselves. Indeed, all of the ten tracks on the album are vintage-Candlemass. Always crossing the lines between power, thrash and doom. "Black Dwarf", the opening track, immediately places the listener back to their 1999 opus (From the 13th Sun). "Seven Silver Keys" and "Copernicus" sound as if they belong on the "Tales of Creation" album. The guitar riffs are slow, depressive, yet enchanting with stellar soloing in just about every song. Leif and Jans' musical correspondence couldn't be more in sync either, which brings me to my next point. Messiah is awesome! He doesn't sound like he's aged a single day since "Nightfall". Granted... 18 years. The vocals seem to be perfectly placed to every nook n cranny of the disc. Although at times, a bit of a change of pace couldn't hurt. The solos and the relentlessly heavy, crunchy guitars are awesome, there just seems to be something missing. An extra solo? More keyboard parts? Acoustic guitars, a harp, a thistle, or even a partridge in a peartree. Other than the slight over-length of songs, it is doom metal and it is Candlemass. Perhaps I should just shut my mouth and enjoy the subtleties of one of the genre's forefathers. For the solemn regrets that haunt us all, Candlemass is the cure.

Rating: 85

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell