Cannibal Corpse - Butchered At Birth (Metal Blade Records) - Back
I became hooked to this release when it was finished and out in stores. The production by Scott Burns was amazing. Every instrument (Guitars & Battery) as well as the vocals by Chris Barnes were awesome. Actually Barnes didn't have much variety in their vocal department so Glen Benton did some backup on "Vomit The Soul". Of course the graphics offend a lot of people and I think that was Cannibal Corpse's ultimate goal since Death Metal during this era emphasized a lot of offensive graphics (Deicide - "Once Upon The Cross") as an example besides this one.

Every track on this release rules though I tend to favor the opener the most "Meat Hook Sodomy". CC was not as technical with their riff-writing as they are nowadays. I think that the simpler riffs tend to captivate the listener a bit more especially the thickness of the guitar pieces and overall production indeed. Barnes' vocals were the lowest I've heard from him even more so than on their debut CD "Eaten Back To Life".

If you are a die-hard Death Metal fan then this CD is for you! I can't stress how many times that the riff-writing was not only original but heavy as all hell!


Reviewed By: Death8699 -