Cannibal Corpse - The Wretched Spawn (Metal Blade Records) - Back
When I went to purchase this release, even the woman at the record store made a comment (malicious) about the cover of this Cannibal Corpse release. It was of course of the Uncensored version. You can get this CD + DVD all in one the DVD is on the making of "The Wretched Spawn". It seems as though every new release CC has a more gory cover to send the public the message that they will never compromise their music genre/style whatsoever. Unfortunately this is the last release featuring Jack Owen on guitar who now is in Deicide to replace one of the Hoffman guitarists. Rob Barett (ex-Malevolent Creation guitarist) has now replaced Jack Owen.

I think it's safe to say that "The Wretched Spawn" is the most technical CC release that I've heard. However, the songs are not as catchy as they are on "Butchered At Birth" which is my personal favorite album by CC. The songs (lyrics & music) were written by most of the band members except Corpsegrinder who just spewed forth the lyrics in mostly a low bellowing end with less screams then previous releases (such as "Gore Obsessed").

The lead guitar from Owen and O'brien were to me just average not performed on every track only a few or so. O'brien is more technical than Owen in my opinion. But both guitar players as well as Alex Webster wrote some good riffs. As I said, it's to me it's the most technical release by them though some tracks there were slower riffs which added more variety to the album. Overall, "The Wretched Spawn" is I would say in the top 3 of the best CC releases that I've heard (I have yet to hear "Kill" their newest release).

Some tracks to check out are "Cyanide Assassin", "Psychotic Precision", "The Wretched Spawn" (title track) and "Nothing Left To Mutilate". It was a good idea to actually know more about the band with that DVD that it comes with. Gives you a better conglomeration as to how these guys make recordings and what all is involved. Pick up "The Wretched Spawn" if you are wishing to hear some good technical Death Metal!!!


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