Catamenia - Winternight Tragedies (Massacre Records) - Back
In elegant fashion, this Finnish 6-piece keep releasing album after album without much acclaim. Oddly enough, people who DO know of this extraordinary black/dark metal band, keep close reference to late 90's-era Dimmu Borgir. I for one, however, will uphold the fact that Catamenia have grown uncomparable and nearly unequalled with the current process of black metal’s experimentation metamorphosis. "Winternight Tragedies" is another positive progression in the Catamenia saga! While maintaining blistering chaos and technical melodies simultaneously (even a Viking feel to some extent... see track 2!!), this masterful work furthers their elite resume in the underground fields and also maintains their musical roots found on the "Halls of Frozen North" debut release. This is stellar! Mixing and matching clean and mostly raspy male vox with some female collaborations from time to time, riffing that is reminiscent of late 80's thrash meets progressive metal, and the drumwork is ultimately - chaotic. A fine mixing job, tremendous musical endeavors, and an atmosphere that will have you craving for more! There are 10 tracks in all and one of which is a Satyricon cover of "Fuel For Hatred". Superb melodic black metal from Finland! CHECK THESE GUYS OUT!!

Rating: 93

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell