Cathedral - The Garden Of Unearthly Delights (Nuclear Blast Records) - Back
The end of the eighties marked the doomy beginning of Cathedral. Taking elements from some of their favorite bands including Trouble, Pentagram, Sabbath, St.Vitus, Melvins, and Candlemass, it assured them of a promising future. Whether you like to call them stoner rock or doom sludge you can be assured to like their buzz saw guitar sound and groove-driven rhythms. They buzz like a bee determined to sting you! The rhythm guitar riffs chug along and solos fill the album with energy. “North Berwick Witch Trails,” “Corpsecycle,” and “Oro The Manslayer” proved to be my favorites. A couple other things to point out, tracks 6, “Fields Of Zagara” is an instrumental; track 9, “The Garden” is a seriously long jam, almost twenty-seven minutes; and track 10 is a hidden track called “Proga - Europa“ which starts with five minutes of silence. The playing time is over seventy minutes. Fans of these Brits should love this garden of unearthly delights!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins