Cavalera Conspiracy - Inflikted (Roadrunner Records) - Back
Sometimes events that seem to be in the realm of impossibility turn out to be a reality with time being the ultimate recuperating therapy. There have been several bands and musicians over the years that stated how unlikely it would be for them to get back with their former bandmates, if not unachievable. Brothers Max and Igor Cavalera formerly of Sepultura were added to this list years ago.

It’s been over ten years since the brothers Cavalera have put out an album together. The two brothers didn’t see each other or talk to each other for those ten years plus…but time heals all, and now they have put out a new album that has been branded “Inflikted” under the moniker the Cavalera Conspiracy! Awesome! After all the strife this album is one of the most anticipated albums in metal history!

“Inflikted” is unmistakably Cavalera!! Rhythmic riff master Max and precision skins pummeler Igor pretty much pick where they left off the last time they put an album together with each other.

Max’s heavy, thrashy, guitar pulses are as lively as ever. They slap the listener across the face, getting your attention at every note. Fastidious shredding balance the more beat driven riffs helping this album at times to reach new dynamics.

And speaking of beat driven and dynamic, Igor shows why he is the ultimate timekeeper on drums. Like a swiss clock, precise and unwavering, he blasts forth an arsenal of hammering notes on a foundation of cadenced emotion.

The Cavalera’s are obviously the brainchild of the band but they didn’t put this album together with only themselves. They had help on guitars from Marc Rizzo (Soulfly) and bass by Gojira guitarist Joe Duplantier. As Max stated that he didn’t want to have any big names to aid with this album, it’s about the music.

However, there was a guest appearance on the track “Ultra-Violent” by bassist Rex Brown (Pantera, Down). Also the recording of the album was done with Dirty Icon, which includes Lucas Banker and former Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader.

The vocals on the album are done by Max with his usual yelling grimace, a norm for people that have been following him for years. Max’s son Ritchie does a guest vocal on the album on the tune “Black Ark.”

“Sanctuary” is the first single from the album, and you can be assured of more. There are several terrific tracks on the album. “Inflikted” is really void of any weak spots.

A couple other tunes were recorded but didn’t make it onto the album. A cover of the Possessed song “The Exorcist” along with another track “In Conspiracy.” You will probably see these tracks on single releases as an extra song.

I’m sure they will get sick of the comparisons, but they do sound like Sepultura and Soulfly. The comparison is obviously for good reason. However, the Cavalera Conspiracy still seems to be its own animal. There are parts that seem very reminiscent from the “Beneath The Remains,” “Arise” and “Chaos AD” eras along with some parts of a more modern vibe.

The Cavalera brothers are back now to blast your ears once again as one of the most lethal brothers in metal. All Sepultura fans should be more than pleased, and fans of thrash and death metal make sure you check out “Inflikted” as it will wreak havoc in your stereo and on you mind! This album has showed me in many ways to expect the unexpected!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins