Celestial Dawn - Demo (Independent) - Back
Back in 1997, a band from Montreal, Canada, was formed and named Celestial Dawn. This formation yielded a band that has a power metal / 80’s metal sound. Just think of fist-pumping metal bands. Some parts sound like Maiden, while other parts are a little too repetitive and simple to be compared to the legends. If they pick up the pace or intensity it might be their advantage. At times there isn’t much going on, making you a little bored. More complexity may be needed. There are a number of strong singing vocals and the band members work well together, but the songs are generally mediocre. The only real highlight, if you can call it that, is that the vocalist reminds me slightly of Steve Grimmett from Grim Reaper. Of the six tracks and over thirty minutes of music on this demo. The best track is the song “Celestial Dawn” but there were a couple other decent tracks, including “Queen of the Damned” and ”Hereafter.” They are an average band; there isn’t anything special they offer more than the normal. It may grab the interest of people into Iron Maiden, HammerFall, and Grim Reaper.

Rating: 68