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Athens, Greece is the home of the band Celestial Ode. They mix elements of speed, power, and thrash metals. The music is pretty good but the vocals sometimes seem awkward and possibly lessen the amount of effectiveness of the album. There are five tracks and a little more then eighteen minutes of music on this self titled disk. Out of the five songs I liked "The Altar" and "The Loser" the most, they seemed to be the best overall. The band is influenced by Judas Priest, Annihilator, Pantera, King Diamond, Helloween, Testament, and a few more. The recording was finished in January 2001 and was mixed and produced by George Stratakis. The quality of the production is like an eighties thrash metal band, so the effect of the production ads to the album. None of the songs are outstanding but are solidly written, especially the guitar work. I love the guitars. If it weren't for the vocal style I probably would have given this CD a better rating. The singer needs to improve on his singing ability before this band makes it anywhere.

Rating: 72