Cellador - Enter Deception (Metal Blade Records) - Back
Cellador is a power metal band from Nebraska and consists entirely of members who are 23 years of age or younger. This seems like a very unlikely demographic to produce anything resembling decent power metal, but after listening to "Enter Deception", saying that I am pleasantly surprised would be an understatement of epic proportions. These guys may be young but they deliver the goods in a major way.
Cellador's music is best described traditional heavy metal played at uncommonly high speeds. The speed was the first thing about "Enter Deception" that stood out to me, but Cellador are not a one- trick- pony and this album is loaded with catchy well written power metal anthems. The scorching speed is skillfully off set with dueling melodic guitars and memorable choruses. Parts of this album remind me very much of what bands like Iron Maiden and Helloween were doing in the late 80's, it’s just done at a lot faster. There are also moments that would not sound out of place on a thrash album, a few riffs here and there or a section of a song, not enough that you would ever classify this music as thrash. Vocalist Michael Gremio has a strong mid range voice that is somewhat reminiscent of Bruce Dickinson. His voice has a type of charisma that is hard to define, it's that intangible factor that can make an average vocalist good or a good vocalist great. The drumming is also of note, as it is far more aggressive than one wold expect from this style of metal, and actually contains blastbeats. Cellador's hyper fast brand of power metal will inevitably draw comparisons to England's Dragonforce. I would contend that the speed of the music is pretty much where these comparisons should begin and end. Dragonforce is an interesting and fun band to listen to, but in my opinion their music is heavy on flash and light on substance. Cellador may lack the technical wizardry of Dragonforce but their songs seem to be more well thought out and are more memorable.
If you like straight up power/traditional metal you really should check this band out. They have a pretty fresh take on the genre and avoid most of the cliche’s that tend to creep into this type of music. Enter Deception was a much better, more complete album, than I had expected and it will be interesting to see what Cellador does next.


Reviewed By: Garett F.