Centinex - World Declension (Candlelight) - Back
Holding a relatively low-profile constant in the Swedish underground death metal scene for 14 years, this Centinex ravages onward. "World Declension" is the band’s 8th full-length alongside countless EP's, demos, compilations, etc. Some low-profile, huh? This release showcases astonishingly aggressive music along with melodies, solos, and even super-harsh brutality. In short, this is what happens when human karma goes bad! There is a lot of diversity within each song. Like "As Legions Come," this track goes in and out of relentless old-Meshuggah time signatures while maintaining a melodic sound & also sounding like a brutal early 90's band. The most brutal track is "Sworn," but the most energy really comes out of listening to everything. Nothing really gets too crazy or boring so there is a nice flow to "World Declension". Clocking in at just under 40 minutes with 9 tracks to digest, you really want to hear more... especially when "Deconstruction Macabre" abruptly stops (which is the last track). In contrast to their previous works, “World Declension” is much more ferocious than anything else so far. Still... there is more room for melodies, solos, and of course, more bloody brutality! Like I said, this could be a bit more lengthy. Needless to say, Centinex have served this album’s purpose very adequately. These fine northmen simply continue to create highly enigmatic waves in the metal world. Another marvel!

Rating: 88

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell