Cephalic Carnage - Anomalies (Relapse) - Back
The brand new album from Colorado's Cephalic Carnage, "Anomalies"! If grindcore was supposed to be some of the sickest and most intense music in the known universe, then you may be correct here. Anomalies, the fifth studio output from CC, is filled with irate technicality and super-heavy grinding noise efficiency. If you were into "Lucid Interval", this is pretty much a progressive continuation! Crazy-ass vocal arrangements (featuring back-ups from bands like Cattle Decapitation, Black Lamb, Macabre, and "Barney" of Napalm Death), psycho-symmetric instrumentation, and a superb production. This album is all that and more! By hearing tracks like "Counting the Days" and "Litany of Failure", Cephalic remind me a lot of a cross between Gorguts and Macabre... nasty! Anyways, not a bad follow-up to "Lucid.....". It's one of those discs you should play to your boss!! For fans of Napalm Death, Gorguts, Macabre, and other such grind/sludge/death or whatever...

Rating: 89

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell