Chainsaw Dissection - Remnants Of The Slaughtered (Independent) - Back
Chainsaw Dissection is a bloody massacre hailing from Pennsylvania. A one man band actually. “The Butcher” Bob Macabre composed everything on “Remnants Of The Slaughtered”. Loud and chaotic death/grind fills this disc with morbid attitude and insanity. The guitar tone is like Entombed or Dismember, while musically it reminds me of Mortician but also Obituary and Nile. But not quite the quality of those bands. This does have redeeming traits but I couldn’t get into all. “Remnants Of The Slaughtered” reminds me of a young struggling crocodile…wild and vicious but also archaic. This needs more modern techniques, equipment, and a little more organization so you can get into the tracks a little more. One reason why I mention equipment is because the levels are a little high at times; you can hear them max out. It gets annoying. The only other thing to mention is the drum machine programming. I know sometimes people are limited to using electronic drums, but to me it cheapens the music. Nine tracks and forty-five minutes plus of metal at its most extreme. Underground metal mayhem.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins