Chaosfear - One Step Behind Anger (Independent) - Back
Chaosfear is a Brazilian trio that has been around since 1999, originally under the Sick Mind moniker. Over the years they developed their sound into fast-paced insanity. Speed, thrash, melodic death metals have been welded together to create a smooth running metallic machine. A thrash band on steroids! Their release “One Step Behind Anger” is loud and heavy, full of energy, and is uncompromising, much like Pro-pain, Slayer, The Haunted, and Lamb of God. Not a bad group of bands to be compared to. This album will grab you by the balls! The part I like the most is buzz-saw guitar riff attack. Makes you addicted to the music as soon as you listen. Also, the vocals on “One Step Behind Anger” have a grimace to them much like Pro-pain’s singer Gary Meskil. Production is not crystal clear like many of today’s releases, but it is still more than adequate. The eight tracks will keep you intrigued for forty-one minutes. Chaosfear waits for no one!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins