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Originally founded in Trenton, NJ in 1995, Chaos Theory has just released their third, six song CD which, this one is self-titled. Their music is an interesting mix between metal and hardcore, but definitely more to the metal side. They also seem old-school a little, which is cool. The CD as a whole isn't to bad, but they have a couple songs heading in the right direction. If you want to hear a song that has a heavy, catchy, kick-ass riff, that will make you ripp off peoples heads in the pit, then listen to the song "Idolkill." It's assured to get your heart beating much faster, and I think its definitely the best song on the disk. Another song that has some catchy riffs is the last song "Soulcage." It's another kick-ass song, almost as good as "Idolkill." If Chaos Theory can write more songs like the previous mentioned, then you may see these guys get big in the underground. The other four songs don't have the aggression like "Idolkill" and "Soulcage." Besides that, I think the only thing they need to do to improve their CDs is to make them more then six songs, and twenty-four minutes long.

Rating: 77