Chapter VIII - Your Halo Is My Noose (Independent) - Back
When I put this disc in the intro set me up for something a little different than what the rest of the album is as a whole. Speed driven, metallic hardcore would be the best way to describe Chapter VIII latest album “Your Halo Is My Noose.” But the good selection of riffs sometimes doesn’t go together to well. The majority of the hardcore aspects involve appealing riffs with lots of energy and intensity. They seem to loose momentum that a song builds when the direction of the song changes abruptly. I wonder what these guys would sound like if they were balls to the wall metallic hardcore all the time? It’s disappointing, just when a song gets going, then blam…there goes the flow! This isn’t the case in every song, just at certain unexpected times. The guitarists trade of riffs with each other nicely most of the time, and have created nice melodies as well. Ten songs and thirty-four minutes of sometimes sporadic, metallic hardcore ends with a cover of “White Wedding” which of course is a Billy Idol song. I thought it was an interesting choice for a hardcore band to cover, it was different, I don’t know if it really worked. One big highlight on this album though is “Looking Down the Path.” This chaotic riff driven track shows the balance the band can create with their different approach. Riffs composed of Swedish death and hardcore mixed, with a metal core tinge work together to create a very promising track. If their future music could be like that, it might not confuse their audience as it did me on the lesser tracks. Other songs on the better side of this album include “Hourglass,” “Heartbreaker” and “No End.” I’m sure Chapter VIII will grab some new fans with this CD…I’d like to see what direction their next effort takes.

Rating: 71