Charnel House - From Birth To Burial (Independent) - Back
Charnel house was formed back in 1989 and after their first release started to get involved into the New York City metal scene. They play as style of angry thrash/death metal but nothing on this album makes you want to come back and listen to it again. After listening to "From Birth To Burial" for a while you start to get a little bored. There really isn't anything catchy enough to bring you into the songs. Not to mention that they need production help and they just sound unprofessional. I know that these guys have became a pretty big name in the NYC underground metal scene, but this doesn't represent where the band should be after all these years and all the shows with well known metal bands like Overkill, Pro-Pain, Fear Factory, Life of Agony, Cannibal Corpse, Machine Head and quite a few others. Maybe they sound better live because I really don't care much for this album.

Rating: 49