Cheva - Misunderstood (Wabrock Records) - Back
When I first popped in the Cheva CD "Misunderstood" I thought to myself, these guys sound like the Deftones, and the new metal sound. After giving the CD a few more listens, I now think it's a cross between the Deftones and Puya. A very good combination. The vocals sound a lot like Chino of the Deftones, from the calm singing, to rapping, to the screaming. Musically they are similar to the Deftones, but the guitars seem heavier because of two guitarist, instead of one. All the songs on this CD get going pretty good. This six song CD last for over twenty-six minutes before the CD ends with twenty minutes of talking. My favorite tracks on this CD are "Brown" and "Juice." The rest of the songs are good too, you have to give this whole CD a chance. They maybe the next "new metal" band that gets signed to a big label. They have this potential, and if they keep opening for bands like Incubus, Snot and Spineshank you may see Cheva tour with one of these bands next year!

Rating: 79