Cheva - Nameless (Independent) - Back
“Nameless” is the title of the new self-released EP by the southern California band Cheva. The four tunes show the promise of this band, but a few things can be tweaked. Musically the chorus parts sound similar to each other. Which isn’t always bad, but more variation may be necessary to avoid stepping on the heals of their other songs. The choruses can be a bit to mellow for me too. It reminds me of today’s radio rock bands. I’m not necessarily a fan of the radio sound but musically it usually sounds decent. Some parts of the songs have a nice radio presence. Pinpointing their sound can be a little hard to classify. Varying heavier parts remind of a horde of modern hard rock/metal bands as in Disturbed, Sevendust, Tool, Chevelle, and Pantera. Maybe a little modern rock as well. It’s hard to classify some bands. They say their influences are from Cannibal Corpse to Faith No More and everything in between on their MySpace website, but it is really more towards the hard rock side in my opinion. The music combination they use generally sounds good and has a few catchy riffs that will get you into their songs. I would like to see a little more metal in their songs, but of course that’s my preference. Like the heaviness in the last track, it’s almost like metalcore. All the tracks are at least decent in my opinion, but depending on what your forte is, you may like one over another. “Nameless” is commendable for Cheva. With a little more work they may start to make a bigger name for themselves.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins