Chevelle - Wonder What's Next (Epic) - Back
After Chevelle's last album, "Point #1," it left me with a question in my head, wondering what they will do next. Ironically, that question wasn't to far from the name of their latest album. "Wonder What's Next" is one of the best hard rock albums since Nirvana's "Nevermind." For those people that have not heard the way Chevelle sounds, it is probably a mix of Tool, Filter, maybe a little Deftones, and a little bit of the modern rock sound. It's a great mix that creates energy throughout this rockin' out album. The CD is full of songs that are easy to get into much like the aforementioned Nirvana's "Nevermind." It's hard to pick out favorites on this disk, but "The Red" is an awesome song, which radio and video channels have played a bunch. Other songs that I recommend include "Send the Pain Below," "Closure," the title song "Wonder What's Next," "Don't Fake This," and really any other song depending on the mood you're in. Frustration is a major theme on the CD and this is apparent in his emotionally filled lyrics. This may be the album that makes these guys big.

Rating: 94