Children Of Bodom - Hatebreeder (Spinefarm Records/Nuclear Blast Records) - Back
Even though this CD has a plethora of Mozart rip-offs I still think that it's one of Children Of Bodom's best records to date. The intro to this album is actually from the movie "Amadeus" with Salieri uttering "from now on, we are enemies. You and I" He was speaking in terms of the Crucifix and in the movie he burned it because of his envy towards Mozart.

I'd say this CD is pure Melodic Death Metal Alexi kicking ass on Guitar/Vocals shows sheer talent with speed and precision on both Rhythm and Lead Guitar Work. Alexander puts together an awesome effort as well on Rhythm Guitar. The band as a whole worked wonders on this release. Just check out "Bed Of Razors" and you'll see what brilliance and technicality from the entire band!!!

There's a mix of extremely fast tremolo picked guitar work, keys as well demonstrating awesome tie-ins with the guitars, the drums fast paced and on cue and Alexi's vocals feature mostly high-pitched screams with a little bit of clean as variety. The production by Anssi Kippo does a great job giving each instrument precision in the recording.

Alexi on lead shows us such well designed solo work plus incorporating like I mentioned earlier Mozart cuts very well executed. The band wholeheartly kicked serious ass on this album. Another track to take a listen to would be "Warheart".


Reviewed By: Death8699 -