Chroma Key - You Go Now (Fight Evil Records) - Back
Chroma Key will bring you on an atmospheric, psychedelic journey, but I wouldn't call this metal, not even hard rock. This band is somewhere in the genre of band that try to get you in a relaxed mood, and expand your mind. It is progressive in some parts, but not intense or heavy like metal. They do use some guitars with distortion, but not enough to give it any edge. So basically there is forty minutes of toned down, laid back and relaxing music. If you were to relate Chroma Key to any band in metal, it would have to be Dream Theater because they use some similar progressive rock styles. They also have some jazz/blues type sounds and rhythmic beats. These guys do have some talent but, its really not my forté. "You Go Now" is a ten song, nearly forty minute CD. If these guys go heavier I might want to take a listen to their music again, because they have talent, its just not in metal.

Rating: 50