Circle Of Dead Children - The Genocide Machine (Deathvomit Records) - Back
With the name Circle of Dead Children, brutality and intensity are key in their music. "The Genocide Machine" is the latest release from these grindcore fiends, and their brutality and intensity are felt throughout the entire album. Songs like the title track "The Genocide Machine," "Barbarians And Henchmen," and "It's a Bloody Day When You Get Your Head Nailed To A Cross," will be sure to rearrange things around you along, with a few of your body parts. Their music definitely is extreme in every way you can think of, but it isn't much different from anything that has already been done. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they can feed the appetites of the hungry hordes of grindcore freaks, but this point in time, I'd like to see some of these grindcore bands add a few more elements in their music, like Cephalic Carnage does. The seventeen tracks and over twenty-eight minutes of impalement is sure to entertain extreme metal fans for a while. Let see if Circle of Dead Children can keep this intensity up into their next release, and maybe add a few more elements that other grindcore bands are using. Then you can be assured that they have accomplished more then a typical grindcore release.

Rating: 73