Closer Than Kin – Dead Flower for a Dying Lover (Independent) - Back
A few years ago a band from Boston came onto the extreme music seen. Since then Closer Than Kin has created music that revolves in the hardcore/punk scene. Their music does have an interesting twist within it. You can definitely hear the hardcore and punk roots, but you can also heed thrash, black and death metal. They have songs that are written in such a way that fans that like the more extreme genres of music could actually get into their own. A few songs caught my attention including the title track, and “If Demons Could Weep.” There are catchy riffs throughout this disk. “Dead Flowers for a Dying Lover” was recorded by Steve Austin who also has recorded material for Today is the Day, Converge and Lamb of God. This is a demo so it doesn’t have the superior quality that something a label would have done, but it’s good for who recorded it. Closer Than Kin have some potential for getting signed to a big metal label. It would be nice to see what this band would sound like now if they had the extra time spent on the production for a label quality album. Currently I don’t see them as anything special, but maybe the diversity of their music might spawn into something beneficial.

Rating: 66