Cold Colours - The Burden of Hope (Root Of All Evil Records) - Back
Delving into the lighter side of the metal genre, we have Minnesota's dark rock ensemble... Cold Colours. The Burden of Hope is the band’s 2nd release and 1st since 1999. This collective depression consists of 10 somber hymns for the absolute dreary-minded. The band somewhat reminds me of Avernus, but with a H.I.M. essence. The only thing that separates the two are the vocals, but the guitar tones are very much like that of a doom metal band. The acoustic / melancholic parts are awesome, but would be better with more melodic vocals. Unfortunately, I had a hard time getting through the disc in it's entirety at a single sitting. The album wasn't so much on the boring side as it was a sorta "blah". Cold Colours haven't really touched any nerves or covered anything fresh enough for this style. They are not a band to ignore, they just seem to be missing some heavier guitar parts or perhaps, more complexity, in general. It would be nice to witness some better vocal harmonies as well. I must admit, Travis Smith did an amazing job with the album’s artwork. Equally impressive is the bands' lyrical direction and altogether efforts. Better harmonies and slightly heavier / melodic guitars will make Cold Colours sound a lot more extravagant. Just my opinion...


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell