Colorado Colossus (Root of all Evil) - Back
Colorado Colossus is a compilation that is supposed to showcase some of the best bands from Colorado. Well, I don't know about some of the best bands, more like a few good bands. Its not that these bands suck, it is just that these bands haven't done anything special. The majority of the bands are average bands. There was only one song that I though was good, but it was only a minute and a half excerpt of the song. "Mourning Star" by Silencer gets your blood pumping and bodies thrown around. The other decent songs included Corruption with "Hate Disorder" and Tread with "Step Down." As in the majority of Root of all Evil compilations, this CD has a range of metal styles including Swedish Death Metal style to straight out thrash. Some of the fifteen tracks and sixty-four minutes plus of music have some good riffs, and get your attention, but the majority of this disk could have been done with better songs and/or bands.

Rating: 62