Communic - Conspiracy In Mind (Nuclear Blast) - Back
Formed only a couple years ago in 2003, the Norwegian trio Communic, have released their debut “Conspiracy In Mind.” It’s progressive power metal, heavy like Nevermore, Dream Theater, Candlemass, and Iced Earth. Jacob Hansen produced this CD in his studio in Demark. You might know him from his work with Rauchy, Invocator, and Aborted. I hate to rip on a band that possesses talent and sounds at time like Nevermore (one of my favorite bands), but this is not a total success in my mind. Like I said, they obviously have talent, I just wish it had a better direction. There wasn’t much, that was catchy, to pull you into some of the songs, but there are a few highlights. Some good riffs and writing but I don’t know if they really have a song that has the complete package. No real song flows for a whole song. I struggled a little to get through this disc and was bored a few times. The vocals for some reason also got to me after a while. Maybe they jump around too much from element to element and tried to do too much on this disc. There are only seven tracks on the CD, but the shortest track is 6:44 and the longest 10:54, with a total length nearly an hour, so short songs aren’t the problem. They are a young band with something to prove to me. Just last year, Communic signed a long-term deal with Nuclear Blast, which means this band should be around for a while. If you like progressive metal a lot, this is for you. To me it was at least a decent effort.

Rating: 68