The Concaves - Warning Heavy Surf Advisory (Independent) - Back
Is this a joke? Was this sent to me by mistake? The Concaves write music that sounds like something that would belong to a 50’s or 60’s beach party movie musical. You know those really bad black & white movies, where they break into dancing at the beach for no reason. Except that this has no vocals, it’s pretty much surf instrumental. Why would we get such a thing at a metal zine? I hope they don’t think they are metal, even hard rock is quite a stretch. I guess it’s good for what it is but I don’t know what that would be, I’m not an expert on surf rock! Where are the Beach Boys when you need them? Mostly Dead! Just like the chances of this band getting respect from any metalhead or even people that like rock hard. Sorry I had to be so blunt to make a point, but I still feel I wasted my time…I could have spent the time doing something else more constructive. The only similarities between this and metal is that they both use guitars and drums.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins