Conquest Of Steel - May Your Blade Never Be Dull (No Face Records) - Back
Conquest of Steel’s “May Your Blade Never Be Dull” EP was made to show what the future will bring and what to expect on their upcoming full-length. This disc has a live feel to it, which is a nice idea. Personally, I kind of wish it was a more modern tweaked production. I think it would bring out those riffs a little more. The music is powerful when they play aggressive, and grabs your attention. Probably good for a live show too. The melodic metal riffing dances around. I really got into those parts, especially the first two tracks. Those riffs have a little bit of a Maiden and Priest feeling to them, but they do enough to be distinguishable. However, a couple dull riffs change the flow of a few parts, which in turn made those segments a little awkward. The music seems to be missing vitality during the slower parts; much better appeal when aggressive. The vocals are kind of ordinary melodic singing vocals. But he’s also rather capable. Lyrically this may remind you of Blind Guardian or Manowar, or at least partially. Conquest of Steel does have better than average solos, nothing that will blow you out of the water though. The first couple tracks are the stronger tunes in my opinion, making me think they concentrated their efforts towards those tracks. Their first track, and namesake for this EP, “May Your Blade Never Be Dull, is damn good, and I want to hear more!! If the band creates more gems like that, then the Conquest of Steel will conquer everyone! “Priests of Metal” is pretty decent too. Gentlemen, you have me interested.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins