Converge - Jane Doe (Equal Vision Records) - Back
If you looking for intense music, especially in the hardcore, metal or punk rock scene then you might want to check out Converge. "Jane Doe," the band's latest release is a full fledge assault on your senses. Chaotic sometimes, groove driven at others. Converge is sure to get your heartbeat to rise. Over the last decade this band has released several EP's and albums and have done extensive touring. The one thing that Converge has added to this albums the expertise of Matt Ellard, who has working with Weezer, Motorhead, Wilco and Dave Navarro. The forty-five minutes plus of their music will take you on a journey through the mind of Jacob Bannon, and the twelve tracks will show you the aggression that the whole band has when they work together. Tracks like "Homewrecker," "Bitter And Then Some," "Heaven In Her Arms," and "Thaw show this sound and fury, to make everyone know the answer to who is Converge. I might not be a big fan of this type of music, but when I need something with head severing intensity, I now have a disk I can throw into my CD player that will sever my neck like a deli slicer.

Rating: 82