Corrosion Of Conformity - In the Arms of God (Sanctuary) - Back
There has been a lot of anticipation since COC's last release, America's Volume Dealer, for a follow-up. Finally after a 5 year hiatus, COC returns with probably their best album to date. "In the Arms of God" is heavier, more groove-laden, and astonishingly catchy which makes those long 5 years worth the wait! There are 12 new tracks with 10 of them being around 5 minutes and up, so a lengthy, enjoyable output. Some of the vocals remind me of John Bush, but none of them will disappoint the COC fan base - still a very original, innovative approach (as always). The rhythm of the album never loses a flow, whence - no song passes me as overly boring. Very rock n roll! The guitars, bass, and drums run smoothly together in parallel sequence with some well-rehearsed technicality to go with the flow. This album is just a flat-out stoner metal gem. If you want any more proof, check out the free-style on "Rise River Rise", then the primal psychedelica on "Never Turns To More" (incidentally, back to back songs). For the hard-rockin' metalheads into the first Down record or any COC, you should deeply envy this piece of work! Fav. track is- It Is That Way (3rd song)....

Rating: 92

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell