Corvus Corax - The Atavistic Triad (Dark Symphonies) - Back
Black metal has changed into many different types within the last few years. All these branches have their own aspects that have a meaningful difference. Corvus Corax are described as Pagan Symphonic Black Metal, which is very well orchestrated in every aspect. Their music does not have anything left out, nothing at all is missing. Their influences range anywhere from early Arcturus and Ulver to In The Woods and Limbonic Art. I can sense maybe a little influence from Ancient and Dimmu Borgir, and sound similar to Agalloch, but that's just my opinion. The songs are written in such a way that you envision a medieval landscape, battles, and the enchantment of a unruly hierarchy. Corvus Corax's latest release "The Atavistic Triad" has definitely been wrote to near perfection. Songs that last on average of twelve minutes that transform your visions in such a way you want to listen to the music over and over again. This five songs CD last for over forty-four minutes, that includes three full-length songs with two short instrumentals in which Corvus Corax use enchanting sounds, atmospheres, and eerie sounds effects to tie together this album. My favorite songs is the first track on this CD "Son of the Earth." "Mystagogue" is another songs that I enjoyed a good amount. I like everything about this band; I would like to hear more of their music. Any fan of black metal would enjoy this opus to the fullest extent.

Rating: 84