Cradle Of Filth - Midian (Koch Records) - Back
Cradle Of Filth is back once again to show that they are one of the best black metal bands in the world. The latest album is called Midian, and its definitely a killer. Despite the controversy over the last few years with the band, Cradle Of Filth still aspire to write more music, and continue to put out great albums. This album pretty much picks up where "Cradle To Enslaved" left off. They continue to use melodic, and heavy riffs to offset the keyboards and the many different vocal styles that Dani Filth uses. I like this CD almost as much as their CD "Dusk and Her Embrace." "Midian" has 11 tracks and nearly sixty minutes of blasphemous shrieking, enchanting music, and unexplainable presence. "Cthulhu Dawn" and "Her Ghost In The Fog" are my favorite tracks on this album followed closely by "Saffron's Curse," "Lord Abortion," and "Torture Soul Asylum." If you are a fan of Cradle Of Filth, then this album is something you definitely will want to look into. Even if you're a fan of black metal or even just metal in general, this might be something for you to take a listen to. Regardless of the bad publicity that Cradle Of Filth receives, you should always make your opinion by yourself, not by what is going on in the news or how some media sources neglect to offer a hand to bands that have talent, and know what they are doing.

Rating: 88