Cradle Of Filth - Dusk And Her Embrace (Music For Nations) - Back
The intro to this album is quite dreary and solemn which describes the mood or aura to this release. Segueing into "Heaven Torn Asunder" the opening guitar sounds awesome with a great tone to it. It's still up in the air as to whether Cradle Of Filth is Gothic Metal or Black Metal. I think that there's a touch of both on this release.

I think Dani's vocals are the highest pitched on this release never again to be duplicated in the entire Cradle Of Filth discography. For some people it's a little too extreme but I think the vocals are phenomenal. It's not just the screams there are lower pitched vocals as well just not as prevalent as the high-pitched screams.

This album is anything but boring. Very intense I'd say with an array of blast beats, tremolo picked guitar frenzies, well mixed in bass guitar and of course Dani's onslaught. Production wise this isn't their best I'd have to say that their latest "Thornography" is one of the best productions they've ever had on a full-length release.

Dusk And Her Embrace packs with it many different things such as the variety in the vocal department, a mixture of guitar both at fast paced onslaughts as well as slower melodic sections, and the drum department displaying an wide array of different time signatures. This remains to be my favorite COF release although "Thornography" is up there as well.

I'd have to say that if you are not a big fan of high-pitched screams from Dani then this release is not for you. There are also British women speaking on some tracks adding a little bit more of variety to the vocal department. Best to try out some tracks to see if this release is something worth getting. Of course I'm biased because it's my favorite but you can hear for yourself "Heaven Torn Asunder", "Haunted Shores", and "Funeral In Carpathia" for starters.


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