Craft - Fuck The Universe (Southern Lord Recordings/Carnal Records) - Back
Black metal from Sweden might not be so surprising these days; it has become something of the norm. One thing that Craft brings on “Fuck The Universe” that most of these darkened souls don’t is the classic black metal sound. Nothing over-polished like some symphonic black metal bands of today. Not that I have a problem with modernized black metal, but come on people…this is what black metal is supposed to sound like; gruesome and unprocessed! I can see bands like Mayhem, Darkthrone, Maybe Ancient, Emperor and even Dissection as influences for Craft. Some parts seemed quite familiar for me like the nasty and gruesome vocals with similar tone and style to Jeff Walker of Carcass or the early vocal style of Kenny " K-2T4-5” of …and Oceans. The Witchery-like guitarwork made this CD sound kind of familiar too. Not only can they create the extreme but Craft can also get a nice black metal groove going while not being on a continuous pace. In other words, they work well with changing tempo. The slower stuff reminds me a little of My Dying Bride. There is over fifty minutes on the band’s third album and supposedly, final album. To bad, normally this is where I’d tell you that you might want to keep an eye on this band. I guess there is slim chance of that happening. If they were still around to write new material like this people would possibly be talking about them within the same breath as Mayhem, Carpathian Forest, Immortal, Darkthrone and other blackened greats! They definitely have many similarities…


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins