Crimson Massacre - The Luster of Pandemonium (Deathgasm Records) - Back
Hailing from Houston, TX in the US, here breathes an absolutely brutal death metal ensemble known as Crimson Massacre! “The Luster of Pandemonium” is the bands first official release with Deathgasm records, but is actually their 2nd album to date (Temple of Gore, 2003). At the first listening to this, it was apparent something crazy had been undone. Exploring tracks like "Catalyst's Tongue", "Epoch", and "Redemption", sounds something like a simultaneous musical vortex of technical aggression at its utmost peak in the death metal field. Each one of these (let alone the entire album) hymns boasts of shredding guitar rhythms, fierce pounding percussive transitions, and a vocal assault similar to early Atrocity or hell... even Morbid Angel. As a musical whole, maybe Gorguts or Suffocation would come to mind. There are even a few 10+ minute tracks including an all-acoustic one! So some abrupt and quirky surprises can be found as well on this 50 plus minute opus. Crimson Massacre certainly bring some crazyass (sometimes they can be too crazy!!) wholesome technical metal to the ever-expanding underground community. Good stuff!!

Rating: 81

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell