Crionics - Armageddon's Evolution (Candlelight) - Back
As many of you now know, the underworld of black metal has evolved drastically since the early and mid 90's-era. Some for the worst, some for the greater. Then there is Crionics! This Polish-trio have managed to enhance black metal in a much greater level of sensibility than most bands in the genre today. "Armageddon's Evolution" is the bands' sophomore follow-up to their acclaimed debut "Human Error: Ways to Self Destruction". Crionics is a relatively new band and probably one of the best hopes for black metals' future or should I say it's "...Evolution". Alongside newer bands like 1349, Tidfall, Veneficum, Blut Aus Nord, and such... Crionics have formulated an excellent mixture of elder-day black metal reminiscent of Emperor, modern-day technical death metal precision similar to Decapitated, and all-out friggin’ machinegun-blasting aggression as Mayhem graces us. This newfound excellence is the aura of Crionics! Basically, in my opinion, I believe if Emperor were still around - this is what they would sound like!! Whence their cover of "The Loss and Curse of Reverence" and the fact their vocals are a bit harsher. The atmosphere, the technicality, and the drum-blasting is all securely in place. I'm telling ya... if you're looking for something the ears have long since yearned, Crionics is probably one of the better points of reference! Highly recommended!!

Rating: 93

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell