Crionics - Neuthrone (Candlelight Records) - Back
Crionics' last album “Armageddon's Evolution” really grabbed me by the throat and as I struggled for air I realized what a life-sucking creations it is in today’s metal ranks. Their new record “Neurthone” takes a slightly different approach. As this will buckle your knees, like a swift kick to the groin!

“Neuthrone” is technical and brutal in the style of Behemoth and Morbid Angel while still having a blackened heart in the likes of Emperor. It’s pretty much speed driven riffs and a brutal breakdown attack. Crionics still have some atmospheric traits, but doesn’t seem to have as much black metal in their music as their last disc “Armageddon's Evolution.”

Being brutal and intense is not a problem for these metalheads from Poland. Aggressively heavy and badass brutal riffs shake you like a crocodile in a death role. A relentless battery increases the potency of this creation. Though you can’t forget the melodic elements mixed in as well along with the keys for atmosphere. And there are rough voiced, death vocals to boot.

My favorite tunage from “Neuthrone” are the tracks “Neuthronaeon” and “Frozen Hope” but not limited to only those two. Just about everything from the tracklist is good, those are the two that I currently enjoy the most, at least for now. Not much else to say except…once Crionics has you in their grasp, resistance is futile!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins