Cronian - Terra (Century Media Records) - Back
Cronian is a super side-project of sorts, if that is possible considering only two members. However, those members are Øystein G. Brun of Borknagar and Andreas Hedlund (also known as Vintersorg). This is their debut release entitled "Terra" and features 9 tracks, 46 minutes of experi-progressive metal. I suppose you could lace together a lot of genres in describing this outfit, as there are many elements herein. Of the obvious assumptions (black & viking metal), you can also find prog-rock & avantgarde/ambient pieces that fit the mold of every song. It is pretty much what you would expect from these two by taking examples from their respective latest releases of Borknagar’s "Epic" and Vintersorg’s "Focusing Blur." Moving parallel with black metal and prog-rock simultaneously. Keyboards seem to be essential parts in grasping a mystical feel, while remaining aggressive and fresh. The vocals of Vintersorg are like always, half-clean & half-growled. There appears to be no actual drummer except for the two members collaborating through their programming expertise. Actually sounds very decent considering. The guitar sound is very trebly, like Borknagar, but not nearly as heavy. Maybe take bands like Empyrium, 3rd & the Mortal or Arcturus as a similar sound in guitar on this album. This is a very deep exploration of both Andreas' & Øystein’s ideals in the metal world. Whether you're daring or not... if you love Borknagar and Vintersorg, you'll probably find this interesting in one-way or another.


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell