Cropment - Spiral Of Violence (FastBeast Entertainment) - Back
The intro to Cropment’s “Spiral Of Violence” starts out with a mellow tone, but it then erupts in to a heaping mass of death as soon as the main part of this album kicks in. This CD is brutal death and grind with a touch of thrash, maybe not what you would expect from a band hailing from Switzerland. Lots of great elements are spread throughout the album, if they were more condensed or consistent, these songs would grab and shake you hard enough to cause internal bleeding. Incantation and Deicide crossed with Cephalic Carnage would be a good example of whom they sound like. It’s death metal with some of the madness from grindcore. One thing that Cropment has that many bands in death metal don’t take time to do anymore is to write lyrics that actually have meaning. Lyrics dealing with social problems, aggression and desires are subjects that many bands, just don’t deal with, but fit in perfectly in the genre. Of the eleven punishing tracks there were a quite a few that should wake you up like a punch to the gut. The title track “Spiral of Violence” and “Hypnotic Mass Suggestion” came out on top for me, with “Blood Innocence,” “Atheistic Thoughts,” and “Nuclear Holocaust” still hot enough to scald you. Over forty-six minutes of extreme death metal, can you handle it?

Rating: 71