Cruachan - The Morrigan's Call (Candlelight Records/AFM Records) - Back
This band presents quite the aspect of metal as opposed to any of the traditional heavy metal arrangements. One would never ponder using such instruments as the bouzouki, a banjo, bodhran or even the mandolin really. Cruachan, however, have found a way and have made a style of their own. This is known as traditional Irish (where the band hails) or Celtic Metal. Woven in the ways of the old world, Cruachan are storytellers of such and whence have forged a new throne in which music channels these myths & tales. “The Morrigan's Call” consists of 12 tales and favors a bit o'er 45 minutes playtime. The album consists of the aforementioned traditional instruments, clean male & female vocals, elements of black metal and good ol' fashioned Irish drinking music. It would be very hard-pressed to give you any one example from their track listing or even previous albums (4 others) as to describe their style more so, you really need to investigate this further on your own. You can, on the other hand, expect a variety and also expect superior craftsmanship! If you are daring and looking for a totally different and original brand of metal, look to the Irish! “The Morrigan's Call” is an elegant plethora of metal in pagan form!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell