Crucified Mortals - Converted By Decapitation (Stigmatized) - Back
Crucified Mortals hail from Cleveland, OH and have converted many thrash and death metal fans to their dungeon. This four-piece have extended their hands with their first EP, Converted by Decapitation. Although the songs are fairly short and straight to the point, I find this EP a little tiring but not altogether bad. First, the sound is more reminiscent of mid to late-80's thrash with late-80's to early-90's death influence... not bad at all. However, the production is also reminiscent of mid to late-80's mastering... which doesn't sound all that "digital" at all. That isn't really a bad thing either for this style, but doesn't tread any water. Also, the fact that this particular sound has been accomplished all too much and exceeded tenfold by many other bands... doesn't exactly make this real interesting. Lastly, I will say that I hope their forthcoming album is more intense and better-mastered because if that's so... people will surely be treated. Crucified Mortals definitely have their own power, they now need to mold it together! Not too bad.

Rating: 68

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell