Crush Efekt - Eclipsed (Independent) - Back
Consisting of four musicians with different metal backgrounds you can be assured that Crush Efekt is one hundred percent metal. The bands music sounds like a good basis of thrash, with some influences of hardcore, punk and death metal, a pretty good mix, and pretty heavy and intense. Crush Efekt put together their original demo, "Two Dollar Ten Song Four Track Demo," within six months of creating the band and has since then have released a full-length disk, "Real." Now it is time for their newest album, "Eclipsed" to shine, and I think they have a chance to grab a labels attention. Song like "Falling," "My White Trash Neighbors," and a few others have a good sound, and are among my favorite songs on this album. You can tell that these metalheads like to play live. They have played in front of bands like Testament, Coal Chamber, Machine Head, Cause For Alarm, Crowbar, Kreator, Acid Bath, Obituary, Shutdown and SOD. They have now been working together over the last five years, and with a minor lineup change, plan to make their band recognized in everyone's heavy metal collection. All they have to do is write some more solid songs and you never know.

Rating: 74