Cryptopsy - Once Was Not (Century Media) - Back
Well, it's been five long years since "And Then You'll Beg" was unleashed worldwide and here lies the answer! Cryptopsy returns faster, more technical and just crazier with their 5th full-length entitled "Once Was Not". Oh yeah and Lord Worm is back! Upon the beginning of the disc is a nice intro that somehow says, "you've waited 5 years, you can wait a few more minutes!!". However the consequences are fatal when the insanity finally erupts "In the Kingdom Where Everything Dies, the Sky is Mortal" and continues onward throughout the disc. Eric’s ferociously gargling bass is awesome, as are Flo's blisteringly absurd and quirky blast-beats behind the kit! Equally enticing therein is Alex’s frantic speed picking and hyper jazz-rhythms. Then Lord Worm.... well, he's just a super-charged demon with too much caffeine. Ha! Good Lord! “Once Was Not” also features a cool packaged limited edition digipak layout with some very nice artwork if your appetite is not pleased already. Cryptopsy have tons of craftiness to show for on this release, but this is kind of a constant indulgence that doesn't spread its wings entirely. BUT.... this will please ALL who have been into the band since their beginning! A nice welcoming back is in order...

Rating: 83

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell