Crysalys - White Lotus On Acheroní Shores (Independent) - Back
The Italian outfit Crysalys uses an interesting approach on their latest release “White Lotus On Acheron’ Shores.” It’s their second release in EP form and brings together elements that aren’t usually combined together.

They are said to be inspired by bands like Killswitch Engage, Caliban, Lamb Of God with some Swedish melodic death metal's feathering in style of Dark Tranquillity. The band calls themselves melodicore; American metalcore crossed with Swedish melodic death. While they might be inspired by the aforementioned they also seem to be gothic influenced as well. Crysalys reminds me of a cross between Trail of Tears, Soilwork and Heaven Shall Burn.

Many layers have been put together to produce their sound. At the forefront of the band are the soprano female vocals of Dusk (Chiara). She can really hit the high notes with her operatic soprano resonance in which she contrasts with powerful and passionate clean vocals. However, the vibrato a couple time seemed a little suspect, like it was forced or to far over the top in a few instances. There are also a few melodic death/metalcore growls in the mix. The riffage has a selection of rhythmically charged elements that are quite likeable. Other parts have nice melodic riffs or leads, with a few decent solos. Its not unusual for this band to have each guitarist play a different set of notes to contrast one another. All the arrangements seem to be set around the lead vocals, which results in the rest of the band seemingly being secondary or “second fiddle” to the singing.

These five tracks include four songs in the traditional sense and an intro for a bit over nineteen minutes. On “White Lotus On Acheron’ Shores” there are parts that are brilliant, but also has those elements that are unorganized or unpolished talent-wise. This isn’t quite a significant release, but there is tons of potential waiting to be used.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins