Cult Of Daath - Slit Throats and Ritual Nights (Deathgasm Records) - Back
Raw, simplistic, and heavy is my first impression of this relatively uncharted US black metal attack known as Cult of Daath. Like Darkthrone and Beherit in a primitive nature, but also more modern like Khold or Satyricon. There are 8 tracks and around 45 minutes to behold. All of the songs have super-simplistic and repetitive riffs, slightly muffled/gargled vocals, and mid-paced drumming. What seems to catch my attention more so is the heaviness utilized within such a raw structure that is old-school black metal’s lacking in the first place. Not in this case. Undeniably, thrash metal has played a big role in the music of CoD as well. As many an argument could be made, though, is the contrast between simplistic and technical. I believe Cult of Daath could at least upgrade their sound a bit by adding a few extra riffs or maybe even some more hi-hat changes. With the formula they currently prosper, CoD just sound a little boring (especially for a 48 minute output such as this). This would be the one instance where you could shorten an album almost in half and be much more effective. It's either that or add more riffs. Cult of Daath is great for the raw black metal fan base and should not limit themselves to just that...

Rating: 65

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell