Custard - For My King (B.O. Records) - Back
As soon as I hit play on my CD player I knew this Custard CD "For My Kings" was gonna be an amazing CD. Starting of with a cool intro, then going right into the music, it started nodding my head from the start. Much in the vain of Stratovarius, this German band is definitely an amazing and talented band. Progressive power metal must be a trait in their blood because this whole album is wrote superbly. Songs like "Up To The Sky," "I Know You," "Sign," and "Deliver Me" are simply put, just amazing. They have wrote this album with both power riffing and ballads throughout the CD. "Up To The Sky," "Sign," and "Deliver Me" might be some of the best power riffing songs of 2000. While "Charon's Call," and "Deliver Me" are probably amongst the best ballads of 2000. I don't believe there is a bad song on this CD, and with eleven songs and over forty-eight minutes of music, I'm sure you will think its definitely a great power metal album. From one song to another, there is really no stop to the listening pleasure of this CD. If you into any Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Stratovarius, or Blind Guardian, add this to your collection, you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 94