Cut.Love.Kill. - Power Transition Theory (Independent) - Back
In 1996, the band Cut.Love.Kill. formed in the Ohio Valley. Now they bring forth an album that is impressive to say the least. This band takes the best aspects of metal and hardcore and throws them together in an onslaught that will take your breath away. There sound is a heavy metallic fist punching you in the face with the battery of groove driven hardcore riffs. "Power Transition Theory" is the band first full lenth album and the wait for its release was well worth it. Every song has points in it where you get lost where you are and all you do is stay focused on the song. Songs like "Eyes Of You," "Used," and "Nothing At All" are all songs that have heavy catchy riffs. And the song "The Prey," make you want to bitch-slap a cop! As soon as the word gets out about these guys they will be signed to a contract of their choice. There are 9 tracks on this CD and there is 40 minutes intense groove driven metal! If your interested in more information about this band check out their website at, you will not be disappointed. They basically play shows in the Ohio Valley area, hopefully they will get picked up by some band to do a tour with so everyone can witness unmatched intensity.

Rating: 93