Daath - Futility (Independent) - Back
“Futility” is the debut album by Daath and it’s quite impressive. They are death metal oriented, but they sound like Devildriver and Korn, but more extreme. Daath are comparable to Coal Chamber, Helmet and have elements from death and grind bands. Tons of catchy, heavy riffs encompass this disc. Some songs seem to have nice death metal leads. The music has a few industrial influences. In addition, they try to be technical at times, and beyond doubt experiment with their writing. Their instruments all sound vibrant, nothing gets drowned out. When I was thinking about what the vocals sound like, parts are similar to Dez Fafara but raspier, more guttural, more extreme and this guy can do more with his voice. This CD starts off with a track that is basically an intro and it blasts off from there. Just about every song is a satisfying metal experience. Daath is not afraid to use acoustic parts mixed in; they improve the album by making it more dynamic. Musically, they can set a dark feeling or mood to many of the songs; it’s excellent. “Filter” is very ominous and shows that these guys aren’t a one-dimensional band. The band creates nice atmospheres for songs too. It gives them a nice presence. The track “Slow” is a good example. Daath sounds like a bands that belongs on Roadrunner Records. Most tracks on this album are under two minutes but there are ten songs and almost thirty-four minutes of metal madness that will get your head bobbing.

Rating: 84